Climate Change Emergency

The Forest of Dean District Council held an online workshop for all the Parish and Town Councils in the Borough on the 7th October 2020. They confirmed the important role both can play in encouraging their communities to reduce carbon emissions and to help the Forest reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

If you doubt the urgency with which we need to tackle this issue I urge you to view the Royal Society of Arts, Commerce, Manufacturers and Commerce (RSA) Climate Change Video. The link to the video is as follows:
Please share this with family and friends and across any social media channels you may use.

We often think of climate change as something that will happen long into the future caused largely by activities from the industrial revolution. Neither is true. Over half the increase in carbon in our atmosphere has been emitted in the last 25 years and climate change is now affecting our lives. If our children and grand-children are to avoid catastrophic climate change it is the responsibility of our generation to start moving to zero carbon.

Whilst the UK has made a good start in that direction the easy wins have already been made. The next 52% of emission reductions now need to be achieved by all of use changing our behaviours and adopting low carbon options for the supply of our heat , power, transport and food. All these changes can save money for our businesses and our home budgets. Government grants are now available and we hope as a Parish Council to highlight these opportunities through a series of online webinars over the winter months.

Martin Brocklehurst – Chair Kempley Parish Council